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Lakeside school officials push to ban sex predators near campuses | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

LAKESIDE, Calif. – Lakeside school officials are calling to ban sex predators from living near schools and other areas where children congregate, like bus stops and day cares.

Lakeside Union School Board President Andrew Hayes held a press conference Wednesday announcing the move to press California’s leaders for change.

“Currently, parents and educators only have information showing where sexual predators live,” Hayes said, pointing to a map found online that is required by the state’s Megan Law to showcase and identify residents of sex offenders.

He says more than 50 sexual offenders live within a half-mile of three area schools.

“We must go further to protect our children,” Hayes added. “I will be working with other school boards and parents in demanding legislation to limit how close sex predators can live from kids.”

“A lot of people assume they can’t be so close to schools, bus stops and libraries. The reality is, they can,” said Lakeview Elementary PTA President, Kiki Parsons.

Hayes says he plans to build a coalition of other school boards, educators, community leaders and parents to push for change. He would like to seek legislation banning sex offenders from living closer than 5 miles from schools, bus stops and day care centers.

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