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Since the dawn of the internet, online dating has come a long way — beyond the woes of dial-up and seedy chat rooms.

Lane Moore lets audience members weigh in on whether she should swipe left or right in the hilarious “Tinder Live.” The critically acclaimed show comes to The Dairy Arts Center in Boulder on Monday and The Comedy Fort in Fort Collins on Tuesday. (Mindy Tucker/Courtesy photo)

Folks are also no longer confined to the somewhat wholesome cyber landscape of Match.com and eHarmony, reserved for the fun aunt whose interests include wine coolers, toe rings and scrapbooking.

Those seeking a connection can dive into niche territories that best suit their needs, preferences, desires and — ahem— fetishes.

For the famous, elite and genetically — or surgically— blessed there is Raya and for the yoga-inclined who like their granola GMO-free there’s Green Singles and MeetMindful. (Your Yurt or Mine?)

Let’s not forget Tinder — the highly-addictive app that offers an immediate serotonin boost to users when that “It’s a Match!” message pops up on the screen.

Author Lane Moore is putting her potential love life in the hands of audience members with “Tinder Live,” an unscripted comedy show where attendees dictate her swipes.

Lane Moore lets audience members weigh in on whether she should swipe left or right in the hilarious “Tinder Live.” The critically-acclaimed show comes to The Dairy Arts Center in Boulder on Monday and The Comedy Fort in Fort Collins on Tuesday. (Katia Temkin/Courtesy photo)

Her multi-city tour includes a stop in Boulder at the Dairy Arts Center on Monday at 7:30 p.m. She’ll stop in Fort Collins at 7:30 p.m. at The Comedy Fort.

Tickets are $20.

At 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, she will bring the show — that the New York Times called “ingenious” — to The Comedy Fort in Fort Collins. Tickets are $22.

It’s as if a standup set and “The Dating Game” had a baby and that baby is delivered in the form of a witty Brooklyn-based creative (with a mini dog named Lights) who has an undying love for “Practical Magic” — a film wrought with feminist undertones.

Ultimately, Moore’s end goal isn’t to find Mr. Right, but to spotlight the perils and hilarity of dating in the modern age. Text chats that occur in real time are projected onto a screen and the interaction between Moore and the audience possesses the sort of intimacy that would spark amongst friends as they help a bestie navigate a sea of puzzling profile pics and cringey bios.

Her 2018 book “How to Be Alone: If You Want To, and Even If You Don’t” resonated with readers on a deep level.

In the memoir, she admits to falling into patterns of prematurely romanticizing people, reveals her own personal struggles that even included a bout of brief homelessness, childhood trauma and the piercing sadness that follows after pondering who to list as an emergency contact and coming up with no one.

In 2019, she delved into the subject at Chautauqua Auditorium as part of TEDxBoulder.

Lane Moore is the author of the 2018 best-selling book “How to Be Alone: If You Want To, and Even If You Don’t.” (Lane Moore/Courtesy photo)

Fans of Lena Dunham’s series “Girls” may recognize Moore from her cameo on the show where she played a shopgirl who had to suffer through one of Marnie’s self-involved rants.

We caught up with the bestselling author, actress and musician to find out what inspired her to bring her Tinder antics to the stage and what she really thinks about technology acting as cupid.

Kalene McCort: I absolutely love the concept for “Tinder Live” where the audience can dictate your swipes. How did the idea for the show surface?

Lane Moore: I came up with it right when I first started using dating apps years ago and I was like, “Wait, so many of these profiles are hilarious and/or nightmares, it would be so cool if I did a comedy show where I riffed on the worst profiles in real time and the audience could choose how I swipe. And then I’ll talk to the weirdest people and just go down the rabbit hole for this totally improvised experience we all share together.” And, my roommates were like “You have to make that a show.” And I immediately went to work on it and people loved it immediately, which is awesome.

KM: I know after Boulder’s date you have quite an extensive multi-city tour scheduled. Will the prospective Tinder matches be based locally in each city? Would you ever consider connecting with one in-person after the show wraps?

LM: Yes. One of the coolest things about touring is that every show I’m swiping through your city, so we might see your friends, your exes, your coworkers, which is always super fun. And it’s funny, every now and then a guy who seems really awesome comes up on “Tinder Live” and I’m like “OK wait, should I marry him though?” and the audience really roots for it because that’s not really what we’re usually seeing.

Lane Moore brings her hilarious and interactive show “Tinder Live” to Colorado next week. (Stefania Orru/Courtesy photo)

KM: Do you think technology actually hinders a chance at a real connection? Do folks have too many options? Is that the issue that can create a FOMO, of sorts, when it comes to dating today?

LM: It’s so tough to say because of course I have friends who met on dating apps and they’re super happy. They love Tinder Live because it reminds them they really beat the odds. But the show also provides catharsis for those of us who really haven’t found what we’re looking for on dating apps, which can be so frustrating. There are definitely people you see on the apps where you get the feeling they’re thinking, “eh, I don’t need to put too much energy into anything because there’s always someone else.”

KM: Your 2018 release “How to be Alone : If You Want To, and Even If You Don’t” resonated with so many people. Do you have plans to pen more books or perhaps dabble in other artistic mediums?

LM: I absolutely do and I’ll have some really exciting news about that super soon that I wish I could tell you about right now. And my band It Was Romance’s next album is supposed to come out soon as well. There are so many exciting things coming up that I’m looking forward to getting to share with people.

Lane Moore brings her hilarious and interactive show “Tinder Live” to the Dairy Arts Center on Monday and The Comedy Fort on Tuesday. (Lane Moore/Courtesy photo)

KM: I, too, am a fan of rom-coms despite the false hope they instill in so many. What are some of your favorite guilty pleasure films about love you can watch on repeat despite their cheesiness?

LM: I’m a huge “Practical Magic” fan, no guilty pleasure there though, just pure love of that movie that totally falls apart once the witch aunts leave on a trip and it becomes a weird movie about a ghost demonic possession? Whatever though. That movie rules and I will own that house some day.

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