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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) – Approximately 5,000 teenagers are vaping each day, according to a state health report.

On Monday morning, Laredo I.S.D. held a meeting to teach parents some of the dangers of vaping.

According to officials, it only takes two milligrams of fentanyl to be considered a deadly dose.

Local mother Veronica Bernal is one of many parents who was shocked to find out about this information.

“It’s tasteless it’s odorless. So that was something that even I was amazed by because I didn’t know,” said Bernal.

LISD held its monthly Parent Academy of Learning with the focus of teaching parents about the drastic health effects of vaping.

“Students don’t think this is harmful. Parents are not aware of the harm a pen can contain. Sometimes they are like it’s just vapor or it’s just nicotine, it doesn’t contain anything. But in reality, they have a lot of chemicals so even the pens that do not contain anything illegal like marijuana or THC, the chemicals within themselves can contain a lot of damage to the body,” said substance abuse coordinator Cindy Lopez.

Parents got to see firsthand what these vape pens look like; some of which look like everyday items and even school supplies.

Officials say these devices can become deadly if they are laced with fentanyl, since the drug is odorless and tasteless.

“It’s just new things coming out, they say that they can leave stuff in your car so I’m very precautious about everything,” said Bernal. “People think I’m paranoid but now that’s how we have to be nowadays, we have to be paranoid about things especially of our children.”

During Monday’s meeting, school officials displayed images of some of the many effects vaping can have on their kinds, not just in their lungs but also damage to the brain.

The school district said they will continue to educate parents on when to ensure their child’s safety.

The toxic chemicals found in vaping products can also be found in asphalt used to pave the roads.

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