Latest Facebook Scam: F1 Star Michael Schumacher Dead  

The latest scam spreading on Facebook is about the death of Formula 1 racing star Michael Schumacher, according to a report on We Live Security.

The scam video reads

“{R.I.P } F1 Star Michael Schumacher dead after come out from COMA few seconds ago. Miss you champ!”

Latest Facebook Scam F1 Star Michael Schumacher Dead   

Six months ago, the F1 driving star suffered a severe head injury after a ski-accident in the French Alps and was placed in a medically induced coma by the doctors.

The scam on Facebook claims that he is dead, tempting users to click on the link given. Once they click the link, they are taken to third-party webpage and further on the link asks you to share the link with your Facebook friends to watch the video.


Apparently, it is a desperate attempt of the fraudsters to drive traffic to their webpage, because no other media channel carries any news about his death.

latest-facebook-scam-f1-star-michael-schumacher-dead-3So beware of the scam and stay safe.

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