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Laurel Sheriff’s Office staff attend school safety meeting | Community | #schoolsaftey

Laurel County Sheriff’s Major Robbie Grimes, Deputy Charlie Johnson and Public Affairs Deputy Gilbert Acciardo attended a school safety meeting at Sublimity Elementary School on the morning of August 21.

London City Police, Laurel County School Police and State School Marshal Stuart Adams were were also in attendance.

School officials there briefed area emergency service personnel on Sublimity’s “emergency management response plan.” In the event of an emergency at their school, school officials have provided a schematic of their school listing their staging areas and their responses in the event of any emergencies there.

A breakfast was provided, after which law enforcement officers were escorted through the school and students showed their appreciation for “their law enforcement friends.”

Sheriff John Root extended his appreciation to Sublimity’s principal, school staff and students for their kindness. 

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