Law Enforcement agents receive the best training every year from other law enforcement officers and outside consultants. Hi-Tech

Crime Solutions offers real life and real time consulting based upon current information from people that have done it or is currently doing everything we provide in training.

The founder Gregory Evans designed our consulting and training course. Evans has been called the World’s Number 1 Hacker and Cyber Security Coach. He is referred to as “the best” Security Expert, by many media outlets including but not limited to, CNN, CBS, Fox News, ABC, CNBC and USA Today. As an ex-hacker, Evans now trains the FBI, Secret Service, DEA, U.S. Marshals, NCIS, and many other federal and local law enforcement agencies.

As founder of Hi-Tech Crime Solutions and, Evans has been involved in investigating over a thousand cases in the last 13 years. These cases include Cyber Blackmail, Cyber Extortions, Cyber Bullying, Hacking, Sexting, Identity Theft, Cyber Fraud, Online dating Fraud and other various cyber crimes. As the author of 10 books pertaining to protecting yourself from the cyber world, Evans has dedicated his life ensuring consumers and businesses are knowledgeable about cyber crime.

How To Track A Cyber Criminal:

  • How to track an email legally without a subpoena.

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