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Law officers take required school safety training in Bowie – Bowie News | #schoolsaftey

More than 20 Montague County law enforcement officers took part in two days of new active shooter training conducted in Bowie at its school campuses.
Lt. Bob Blackburn served as liaison with the Department of Public Safety that coordinated the training which is required for all school-based law enforcement. He said ALERRT is a new advanced rapid response training, and while school-based officers are mandated to take it, he anticipated it may be required soon as part of the two-year training cycle for the state law enforcement licensing.
Bowie Police have been participating in active shooting training at its campuses for the past several years, which Blackburn said helped put them slightly “ahead of the curve” in some aspects.
“While it is required for SROs, some agencies are making it mandatory for all. The BPD special response team trains twice a month. This was one of the best training I have been in. It reinforces what we have trained in the past polishing it up,” he said.
There were nine officers from Bowie including all SROs, the chief, CID and patrol, two from Nocona Police, six from the sheriff’s office and several Department of Public Safety troopers.
Blackburn said it was a new mindset for old and new officers as years ago they use to “stage and wait for SWAT,” but now the immediate focus is to “stop the killing,” which is different than 20 years ago.

Bowie Police officers Esteban Moreno and Travis Fuller took part in active shooter exercises in Bowie Intermediate School this past Thursday and Friday. (Courtesy photo BPD)

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