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Regulating the internet is a hot topic in Congress. To help you understand what is going on and what we expect to happen in the future, our highly-experienced Kiplinger Letter team will keep you abreast of the latest developments and forecasts (Get a free issue of The Kiplinger Letter or subscribe). You’ll get all the latest news first by subscribing, but we will publish many (but not all) of the forecasts a few days afterward online. Here’s the latest…

States are racing to pass laws aiming to protect children while they’re online. More than 100 state bills were introduced in 2023 that relate to the topic of child online safety, per one estimate. The policies include forcing certain websites to verify the age of users, alerting parents or guardians to certain online activity, restricting online usage during the night, or adding web safety to K-12 education. The trend is bipartisan: Major policies have emerged in Utah, California and beyond. 


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