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Amna Nawaz:

As Lisa reported, many of those who attended today’s hearing were parents who lost a child or whose child was injured.

I’m joined now by one of them, Christine McComas. Her daughter Grace died by suicide in 2012 after being bullied and threatened online.

Christine, thank you so much for being here, and let me say how very sorry we are for your loss.

You were in the hearing. You were actually holding up this picture of Grace during that hearing. I just want to ask you what you thought about the questions from lawmakers, about what you heard from the executives.

Christine McComas, Mother of Suicide Victim: Well, just being there is a long time coming, that, finally, people are understanding the dangers that are inherent in the platforms, the social media platforms.

And so the fact that we’re having that hearing is wonderful. But then bring in all five of the biggest platforms that are hurting kids, it’s frustrating to me that it’s been so long, and it’s been clear because of whistle-blowers coming forward that they have known that it’s harmful and they have not made the changes that need to be made.

And, today, they were still not willing. The Kids Online Safety Act has to pass. It’s urgently needed. And they need to get on board and join us.


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