Leander approves safety requirement for new school zones | #schoolsaftey

LEANDER, Texas (KXAN) — Leander city council passed an ordinance that requires a radar display sign to be installed in any new school zones within the city limits.

The Leander Police Department said speeding has become a problem in all school zones within the city. Sergeant Ryan Doyle explained people often speed in the school zone which can lead to collisions.

“They [collisions] do occur in school zones pretty much a few times a week. Luckily they’re not with any children or parents. We’ve had a few pedestrians struck,” Sgt. Doyle said.

What is a radar display sign?

A radar display sign is equipped with technology that can detect the speed of oncoming traffic and display it to drivers. The signs have a solar panel attached to the top and cost $3,400, according to city documents.

The goal of the sign is to alert people of their speed when they are traveling in school zones and hopefully remind them to slow down.

“I think it’s a win-win. Like I said, even if we reduce people’s speed by five miles per hour coming into a school zone, that reduces the chance of a crash even occurring, or the severity of it,” Sgt. Doyle explained.

The city of Leander has already installed 12 of the signs around town and Sgt. Doyle said the police department has seen a positive impact so far.

In the past, the city has installed pedestrian hybrid beacons on roadways to to slow down speeding drivers in school zones.

Who will pay for the signs?

Whenever any new private or public school is built and a new school zone is created on the roadways, the school is responsible for paying to install the radar display sign.

The city of Leander would take over control of the signs and be responsible for any maintenance costs.

The signs will not be utilized by police to enforce any speeding violations.

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