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Published: 10/10/2023 5:34:51 PM

Modified: 10/10/2023 5:33:45 PM

Freemasonry has been in Massachusetts since 1733. The Grand Lodge in Boston was the first in the United States and the third oldest of the Grand Lodges behind England, the first in 1717 and Ireland, in 1725.

In 1760, at St. Andrews Lodge in Boston, which is still in operation today, Paul Revere became a Freemason. In 1794, he became the Grand Master of Massachusetts. During his three-year term, he chartered 23 new lodges throughout Massachusetts and Maine. Jerusalem Lodge, in picturesque Hatfield, was chartered by Revere on June 13, 1797.

I have been a Freemason and a member of Jerusalem Lodge for 13 years and I’ll admit, belonging to a lodge whose charter contains the signature of Paul Revere is special. The lodge still has the original 226-year-old charter. It is on display at the Scottish Rite Museum in Lexington. On Oct. 21, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Jerusalem Lodge will be hosting an open house. This will give visitors an opportunity to visit the lodge, see inside a Masonic lodge room, and ask any questions to the Master of the Lodge, who will be the guy in a tuxedo, or any other “brother” Mason that might be in attendance.

In answer to one question that might come up, “What do Masons do?” at Jerusalem Lodge, we award two students from Smith Academy in Hatfield scholarships, present any Boy Scout from Troop 104 in Hatfield who has attained the rank of Eagle Scout a certificate from the Grand Master of Masons from Boston, host the local chapter of DeMolay, the William Parsons Chapter, have run a CHIPS program for child safety, and assisted Hatfield Elementary School with needed items.

Every meeting we discuss what it is we can do for our community. To accomplish these needed tasks, and to be able to do more going forward, it takes men willing to give some of their own personal time. I invite you to our open house so you will see how becoming a Mason might just be what you’ve been missing. It’ll change your life!

Barry Labbe


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