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We’re accountability partners now. Let’s get after it!

No bs excuses. No shortcuts. Failure forward is welcomed. Success is inevitable.

Persevere and you shall not be cheated -My Yoga Master

How we doing this?

Look at a few cybersecurity job listings. Specifically I’ll be looking at DFIR jobs (Digital Forensics and Incident Response). Break down terminology. Get a word list of everything we don’t know so we can understand what the hell we’re looking at. Define it in unpretentious bar talk cause ain’t nobody to impress here.

Once we got a grasp we’ll follow the rabbit hole, dig deeper and start getting our hands dirty.

Word list

Study up on these so we’re not completely lost. If you still don’t understand I found some pretty good videos on YouTube from 🔗Simplilearn.

Cyber Security





Axiom Cyber


People or software that protect technological networks and data from unauthorized access. Companies data are like their children. When they go missing it’s up to us to do our best Denzel Washington Man on fire impersonation.

DFIR (Digital Forensics Incident Response)

Two separate disciplines put together to solve a digital security breach. For Digital Forensics think Sherlock Holmes, white latex gloves, and scanning hard drives for fingerprints and leads to more clues to solve a crime. For Incident Response think special ops rescue missions, superheroes and future hack prevention.


Software used to gain unauthorized access to someone else’s data or network. Think Frenzy from Transformers…


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