Learn To Make Money In The Cyber Security Industry

There has been an overwhelming demand for Cyber Security Experts today, creating an explosion with Universities, technical colleges and trade schools offering certifications and degrees in the industry.

What students in the cyber security industry are not taught is what to do next with their degree or certification to make money. Students must ask themselves, “do I want to work for someone else, or do I want to use my degree or certification and become my own boss?” This course will teach anyone who has a degree or certification in cyber security or is working towards it to make money immediately.

Marketing & Branding

How to brand yourself
Your not an expert until you write a book
Creating your own domain name
How to build your website
Social media marketing
How to become a news expert in 1 week
How to become your own Publicist
How to Get Customers

How to figure out who your clients are
The one line that works every time
Making Money

How much to charge
What services should you provide
How to bill your clients
The Tools

What hardware should every consultant have
What software should every consultant have
What online tools should every consultant use
This Class is Perfect For…

College Students getting a degree in the Information Security World or Criminal Justice.
Law Enforcement
Private Investigators
This course is taught both as a self-paced online course as well as in a classroom setting. This course is a total of 5 hours.

What is Included?

Instruction by an expert facilitator
Online assistance
Specialized manual and course materials
Personalized certificate

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