Legalize DDoS? Anonymous lobby White House for right to digitally protest

Is temporarily slowing down a website a legal form of protest? Current US law says it isn’t, but hacktivists want the White House to make changes that would …


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25 thoughts on “Legalize DDoS? Anonymous lobby White House for right to digitally protest

  1. Trenton Streator

    Organize, don’t legalize… The government isn’t going to help us take it down… lets get real here.

  2. Trenton Streator

    Anonymous is not a hactivist group… media outlets like this make us out to be terrible and this isnt true at all… I think one person claiming to be a part of anonymous, speaking for the whole went to the white house (if its even true at all)

    personally, i dont condone this sort of behavior, but if organized by a group and controlled by the individual. I would join a botnet to help with a cause, and if organized to share the cause. Its a form of internet protest.

  3. richard343s

    DDOSing should be illegal check out this: /watch?v=KoxUM99sYDI

  4. Bmx164378

    Many different people and entities control or own parts of the servers and networks that are inter connected.

  5. Bmx164378

    Nobody owns the internet. The government regulates it but besides that the internet is everywhere bits and pieces. Tell me if i’m wrong. :/

  6. MinerGamer

    Umh the U.S. government OWNS the internet.

  7. MinerGamer

    Yes but DDoS is used more as a threat because people pay tons of money to host amazing websites then comes a guy telling you hey make a Owner or else I shut down the site If there where no law for that you are screwed

  8. Matthew Llarena

    It’s the DDOS that causes the server to malfunction. Not all servers can handle as much as google’s super servers so I don’t get what you really mean by that.

  9. redeemer710

    thats not the Ddos. its the server.

  10. Matthew Llarena

    You’re an idiot… DOS can harm data on a website or server because just like a 42 zip decompression bomb, when the DDOS is executed, the server cannot handle the traffic and at times loses it’s ability to determine a true visitor from a malicious packet request.

    If it can’t determine if the user is a spambot or a real human, the antivirus and hacking defenses are weakened or terminated and it’s vulnerable to an attack.

  11. minecraftassassin92

    Anonymous is not a group it is a idea……


    You are Anonymous until the day you slip up. By cockyness brashness stupidity or “Tresspass” when you saw the beware of dog signs and the turds in the yard but no dogs around… have fun and travel while you still can and be safe. Don’t travel with a bunch of dumbasses and always have a partner who knows where and when to bring the gas can or fixaflat. But don’t get disrespectful where you go unless you don’t wanna go back or getcem looking for ya. WE ARE ALL ANONYMOUS


    Being Anonymous is traveling down the interstate at 100+ mph lights off . No license plates and wearing nite visipn goggles at 3 am …. in a Lamborgini…that’s not yours


    What we are is a band of width. Yeah I can say I am a proud sponsor of my fellow man .My face and identity may be a known co hort of occupy copwatch protests and activism going back 20 yrs. But being Anonymous is when your travelling and playing working And on the LulZ in a frontier of advantage. The freedom riders riding waves of info and speed going and being nosy . Not all hackers are in it for the destructive nature. A lot of Anons work in cyber security
    Start ups in and around mark


    Bullshit. #ANoNs chose ti unmask and be in tje front oines and the hot spits working there asses off for a revolution for instilling that we keeo MOST of our legal /constitutional / human rights that this present profiteering and war for domination for OCCUPYing others countries people govt and livelihood for the benefit

  16. Gohld Bricks

    I need a tool. A tool necessary to complete section 2 of my project. If there are none of you out there, send me a link to a tool you perfer using the PM on here or on twitter by this same name.

  17. Kenneth White

    anonymous don’t tell people they are anonymous or they are no longer anonymous. Hacking isn’t about fame or popularity its a bout skill and self knowledge. Id be willing to bet that you “anonymous” insiders are in fact not anonymous, and if anything are just skids who think being anonymous is being able to sqli a website.

  18. ZombieSlayerForLife

    Technically ddoss is hacking you dumbass

  19. Sage Blackman

    Putting up and Advertisement on a site would be the same as a picket group. DDoSing is equivilant to the picket line blocking people forcefully from entering the building they are protesting

  20. snarf3456

    Hey Red Man, it was the Prodestent Chruch that forced your people into Christianty and not the Roman Catholic Chruch. The RCC is the one that gave my people the choice of the Sword or the Cross. RCC has no control of Prods. BTW my people are Celtics, German, Anglo/Saxon, Danes, Dutch. All to some extent was put to the sword for their Pagan beliefs.

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