Legion claims to have hacked the email accounts of 74,000 chartered accountants, banks

Hacking group Legion now claims it has hacked into the emails of 74,000 chartered accountants across India, The Times of India said on Thursday.
The newspaper said that it has received a link from the hacker group during an interview over an encrypted chat platform, offering access to a list of emails and passwords of some major Indian institutions including banks and chartered accounts that the group claims to have hacked.

The newspaper quoted a member of the group as saying:
“We have dumpz from all the major institutions…all the major banks and passwords…of all da chartered accountants in INDIA. And those that had the same pw on Dropbox? Too bad, they got owned and all the dox were dumped. The people they work for? Too bad for them too. Raw data brings chaos (sic).”
The group, the report said, would also release more raw data from the hack.
The hacker group, which goes by the name Legion (Legion Crew according to The Washington Post), has become a sensation in India after it claimed to have carried out the well-publicised hacks of some high profile Twitter accounts including former liquor baron Vijay Mallya, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and journalists Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar. The group recently claimed that it has also hacked into the account of former IPL chief Lalit Modi, and would soon be releasing all the data on a public platform.
Just two days ago, the group in an interview with FactorDaily.com, said that it has hacked government emails hosted on Sansad.nic.in. The hacker group had also claimed to have dumped emails of journalist Dutt in the public domain.
Incidentally, there have been contradicting reports about the group’s identity and location; while some claimed it to be based out of eastern Europe, others including The Times of India and The Washington Post claimed the group to be based in India. The group in its various interviews has claimed themselves to be drug-loving, cyber criminals who just want to create chaos.


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