Letter: Be cautious with phone solicitation

After having been hacked on our computer, I reported the crime to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. A deputy came out to talk with us. We showed him the phone number of the hacker, but there was nothing the police could do. These hackers may have a New York number but could be calling from a place like India.

The hacking started with calls to the land line. The caller (with an accent) told me something was wrong with our computer. He said he was calling from Microsoft. I told him that I could not get to the computer now, so he said he would call back. He called again when my husband was home and said he wanted $20 to fix the computer. My husband suggested the man was a hacker. The guy said “Yes, I am and if you do not send me $1,000, I will turn your computer into a pile of …” My husband hung up; thus I called the police.

The deputy told us that hackers prey on seniors, who may not be as computer literate and don’t know that no one from Microsoft, Windows, Apple or Samsung will call you, even if the world was ending. He recommended taking a computer protection class. My husband unplugged the computer and took it to a repair shop where we paid to have the viruses fixed.

Seniors and everyone, please be wary and get informed.

Source: http://www.columbian.com/news/2015/aug/16/letter-be-cautious-with-phone-solicitation/

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