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Letters to the Editor — Dallas YMCA, Supreme Court, Ukraine, school safety | #schoolsaftey

Grateful for YMCA time

Re: “Buyer for YMCA building backs out — Company cites ‘the current market’ for sale falling short,” Tuesday Metro & Business story.

As a long-time member of the downtown YMCA, I was relieved to learn that the proposed sale of the building didn’t work out. The downtown Y is a godsend to a lot of us. We have not just been able to stay fit, we have also forged many meaningful friendships over the years.

The staff at the Y is terrific — kind, knowledgeable and helpful. The people who work out and swim there are like a United Nations spectrum of folks: young and old, adept and amateur, and people of every race, every occupation and every personality. We all look forward to seeing each other.


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That said, we know that the building could use a number of fixes, some costly. All of us try to chip in what we can, and some individuals — like T. Boone Pickens and other benefactors, along with a good many corporations — have been very generous over the years. But the pandemic, as we know, was a big blow to the Y along with everybody else.

If you have thought of visiting the Y, now is a good time. We usually have a party around Christmas. And if there are some who are able to donate to help keep this great resource going, that would be wonderful too. All of us who love this home-away -from-home would be truly grateful.

Deona Carmack, Dallas/Oak Cliff

Art of persuasion found

Re: “Have we lost the art of persuasion? Society is better when words and reason are all the weapons we need,” by John McCaa, Wednesday Opinion.

Hear, hear, Mr. McCaa! We have most definitely lost the art of persuasion. And you, sir, have masterfully demonstrated just how it is done. Thank you!

Amy P. Jones, Dallas/Preston Hollow

Humor found in court ethics

Re: “Pressure prompt ethics guidelines for justices,” Tuesday news story.

So it appears that while the Hollywood sitcom writers were on strike, they picked up a side gig to give the Supreme Court justices a set of ethical guidelines. Don’t expect an Emmy, guys. I doubt it will be highly watched. It will be relegated to collecting dust in the attic of the Museum of Good Intentions. Sorry to say, but ethics and Washington, D.C., is the ultimate oxymoron.

Ted Gold, Plano

About Ukraine elections

Re: “Ukraine elections in doubt,” by John Orr, Nov. 9 Letters.

Mr. Orr intimates that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is taking an undemocratic position in not supporting elections next year. What he fails to note is that according to the article he is referencing, Ukrainian legislation bans elections during martial law that has been in place since Russia launched the invasion in February 2022. The country would need to amend the law if it decided to hold the vote.

While we could debate the wisdom of a policy supporting elections or not during the extreme chaos of war and mass displacement of the population, suggesting that this embattled democracy doesn’t deserve our support is extremely shortsighted. It seems that the entire process of ensuring a valid election would be more than challenging under the circumstances. Let’s continue to support Ukraine.

Linda Collins, Dallas

Hamas questions need answers

Questions, questions, questions. Why did Hamas build 300 miles of tunnels under Gaza? Where did Hamas get the money to build the tunnels? Could Hamas have used the money to build schools, hospitals and roads? Did Gaza residents know Hamas was building tunnels and rockets? Answers, answers, answers?

John Green, Lake Dallas

How to fund school safety

Here are my ideas on financing the increasing costs of providing school safety: 1. Increase “sales” tax on guns and ammunition, 2. go back to requiring licenses to own guns and add in a fee to go to school safety, 3. make gun licenses time-limited, requiring renewal similar to driver’s licenses, with additional fees dedicated to safer school fund and 4. go big and allow gun manufacturers, gun clubs, sales outlets, etc., to “sponsor” safety costs for individual schools or specific equipment for schools in general.

Sue Malnory, Sherman

Miracle of evolution

Re: “Board spars over science textbooks — Evolution, climate change at center of debate this week,” Thursday Metro & Business story.

How sad the State Board of Education is joining the science denial movement by resisting the teaching of evolution. This most fundamental law of biology and genetics explains everything from COVID-19 variants to the origins of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, considers how the unrolling of life on earth parallels the miraculous human journey from one to a trillion cells and from primordium to person.

Is there any greater argument for an overseeing force than the fact that there are trees, whales and poets when bacteria would suffice to occupy all planetary niches from mountain peaks to thermal vents? Couldn’t this amazing ability of DNA to both code and change be evidence of a creator’s design, a process requiring a simple start button rather than the laborious fabrication of a million species by overworked elves in a heavenly workshop?

Could students not learn why God would welcome Darwin by saying: “Charles, good job, you got several things right”?

“Now come with me,” she would say proudly, “Let me teach you how it really works!”

Golder N. Wilson, Dallas

Doing A&M math

The average public school teacher salary in Texas is $56,412 as of Oct. 25, 2023. Texas A&M is paying Jimbo Fisher $76 million not to coach. That would pay the salaries of 275 teachers for five years.

Nuff said?

John C. Tollefson, Dallas

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