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Letters to the Editor — Medical care, ransomware, solar costs, American Airlines, guns | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Doctors did harm before Dobbs

Re: “First lady hosts women denied abortions — Dallas mom tells of her ‘demeaning’ ordeal with doomed fetus, Texas ban,” Wednesday news story.

My heart ached reading accounts of women denied medical care for nonviable pregnancies, but, unfortunately, doctors denying medical care for nonviable pregnancies isn’t new.

Over 25 years ago, I experienced multiple miscarriages. Each one was devastating and several required a dilation and curettage procedure for my health. During one pregnancy, I knew my baby was gone but my doctor sent me to a Dallas hospital for a detailed scan. The doctor on duty said that there was no fetal heartbeat, the fetus did not appear viable, but he wouldn’t approve a D&C procedure because “I’ve seen miracles occur.”

The look on the attending nurse’s face was disbelief. I was sent home. Two days later, I was back in the emergency room after being transported by ambulance. The pain was unbelievable. The attending nurse from two days ago was there. I will call her “Angel.” She told me that she had seen my name on the ER board, remembered me and said, “She’s mine!”

My doctor came to the ER, and Angel held my hand the entire time as an emergency procedure was performed. That doctor’s expectation for a miracle did me harm even pre-Dobbs. I hope he isn’t practicing anymore but pray my Angel is still there.

C. Dessa Watson-Ferris, Dallas/M Streets

Prepare to restore data systems

Re: “Trends show justice in attacks is rare — Experts say prevention is key, negotiating not always the best move,” Sunday news story.

In addition to preventative measures, I also suggest better preparation for restoring locked or damaged data and computer systems. Time is money. The sooner the system can be restored without paying the ransom, the less important paying the ransom becomes.

It took way too long for the Dallas Central Appraisal District to restore operations. Data and systems should be backed-up regularly, including offline storage. Higher priority should be given to critical systems and data such as paramedic dispatch.

Cloud-based backups can be targeted in a ransomware attack as well. Keeping spare computer hardware such as servers in inventory that can be quickly accessed is another option.

Neil Noble, Dallas

American’s bag fees unfair

Re: “American adds new baggage fees — Basic economy travelers on international trips will be charged $30-$75 for checked luggage,” June 16 Metro & Business story.

Congratulations, American Airlines. You have now outdone yourself by putting corporate profit front and center to the detriment of your customers. Everything passengers used to take for granted in terms of customer service has now been evaporated with this latest charge. The company will now start penalizing those who pay for economy seats on international trips by charging as much as $75 per bag.

What else is left to skim the customer of hard-earned dollars to fly your airline? Why not start charging for using the restrooms? It’s sad to see a Dallas-Fort Worth company go the way of other companies that nickel and dime the consumer, but that is sadly where we find ourselves today.

Kay Wrobel, Plano

GOP may not recover

Re: “Time for accountability,” by Richard Bach, and “GOP ruining U.S. reputation,” by Lori Leonhart, Friday Letters.

I agree with both of these letters. What has happened to the party of law and order? Isn’t that hypocritical to spout this mantra since the few Republicans who came out against the former president are often removed from leadership roles and even censured?

If and when you break the law, there are consequences to pay. Republican leadership appears weak and out of touch. I used to be a member of that once proud party. But I can’t claim to be Republican in this day and age. The reputation of the GOP has suffered a major blow, which it may not recover from.

Robert Douglas Moore, Grand Prairie

Tired of Texas’ solar interference

Re: “Still ignoring grid problems,” by Bonnie L. Mathias, Sunday Letters.

I could completely identify with this letter. I remember a Molly Ivins quip that said something like if the Texas Legislature is in session, hide the women and children.

We are retired but opted to have solar panels installed several years ago. We live in an all-electric home (by choice) but were getting tired of $700 bills in our “deregulated” state.

When the Arlington inspector came to approve the installation, she said that the state should be paying us to do this. I had no idea how far the state would go to prevent us from enjoying lower bills.

There were several energy companies that would buy back our extra power at retail rates. But they have been taken over. We now have a company that will only pay wholesale for our extra power.

Also, the delivery fee is unbelievable. It used to be $4 or $5 but now it is 90% of whatever our usage is. So last month our energy charge (the power we used at night) was $24.11 but the charge to deliver it from my roof to my appliances was $21.97.

Virginia L. Jentsch, Arlington

No Texas targets caused shootings

Wednesday’s Public Safety Briefs headlines were: “Man dies at scene of Casa View shooting,” “12-year-old boy dies after shooting at strip mall,” “Man shot to death after birthday party,” “Three taken to hospital after Monday shooting.” While the complete details were not available, there was no mention of books or drag queens or LGBTQ+ involvement.

Texas GOP, you’re going after the wrong targets in the name of public safety.

Kimberly Farrar, Richardson

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