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BEMIDJI — Level 3 sex offender Michael Lee Littlewolf has relocated to the Cass Lake area on Nov. 25, according to a release from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

Littlewolf’s offenses include holding an unknown man and woman against their will and ordering the woman to remove her clothing, the release said. He gained access by entering their home without permission and used force and a weapon to gain compliance.

At age 16, Littlewolf also engaged in sexual contact with an unknown female teenager after entering a home without permission, using physical force and threatening the use of weapons to gain compliance.

Littlewolf is 54 years old, 5-foot-8, and is described in the release as having black hair and brown eyes.

There are three levels of offenders based on the individual’s risk to re-offend. Level one carries a lower risk to the public, level two is moderate and three is higher.

“This individual has served the sentence imposed on them by the court and is transitioning into the community. This notification is not intended to increase fear but rather raise awareness. Law enforcement believes that an informed public is a safer public,” the release said. The Cass County Sheriff’s Office may not direct where this individual does or does not reside, nor can this agency direct where he/she works or goes to school.”

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