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With the introduction of Lexi, India has taken a significant step forward in the field of indigenously developed artificial intelligence bots. Developed by fintech startup Velocity, Lexi is powered by ChatGPT and aims to give consumers a customised and simple chat experience for people who use Velocity Insights, an analytics tool.

Lexi is powered by OpenAIs GPT-3 language model. As a result, Lexi is able to comprehend customer requests with great accuracy and answer in a more user-friendly manner. Lexi is a chatbot that users may communicate with using natural language. Among other things, Lexi can answer inquiries, provide recommendations, and carry out activities.

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Lexi’s capacity to learn from user interactions and deliver individualised experiences is one of its primary characteristics. Machine learning techniques are used by the chatbot to assess user data and enhance its performance over time. 

This implies that Lexi gets increasingly precise and useful the more people engage with it. The introduction of Lexi represents a significant turning point in India’s AI research and highlights the nation’s expanding proficiency in the sector. 

Abhiroop Medhekar, the CEO of Velocity, stated that his product team has been considering ways to utilise ChatGPT for the benefit of its consumers. “We combined ChatGPT with the same interface that Velocity clients use to direct business choices because they already use Insights on a regular basis,” he said.

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Since its launch Velocity Insights has helped my brand monitor revenue and marketing spends,” Mohit Mohapatra, CEO and Founder of Naturepro, said in a statement. “Now that ChatGPT has been integrated, I can use AI as a personal assistant anytime I need assistance with my company. For example, I have been leveraging the integration for writing copy as well as collating answers to questions related to performance marketing on a daily basis,” he added.

With more than 590 million visits, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has amassed 100 million consumers in just two months. In order to improve the usability of its Bing search engine, Microsoft has also integrated the AI model. And not just the enormous Redmond company. Google is also planning to introduce Bard, a chatbot with conversational AI. Google’s service is now available to a small number of customers and will probably be included into Google Search.

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Published on: February 14, 2023 13:29:11 IST


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