LG to nurture white hat hackers

Tech behemoth LG Electronics has rolled up its sleeves to nurture “white hat hackers,” or computer security experts.

The leading electronics firm said it signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Information Technology Research Institute to foster security experts, on Monday at Best of Best education center, an educational institute for information technology security, in Gangnam.

They agreed to promote the mutual exchange of technology and human resources as well as run programs that offer would-be security experts the chance to gain field experience.

KITRI’s educational programs for online security have seen 400 people over the past four years.

LG electronics’ software experts will serve as mentors for security courses at the center.

“It is crucial to foster software security experts to obtain customers’ trust,” said Min Kyung-oh, the vice president of LG electronics’ software center.

“We will earnestly cooperate with KITRI to nurture next-generation security experts.”


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