LGMS looks to expand beyond banking, financial services

LEADING cybersecurity firm LE Global Services is looking to expand beyond the banking and financial services due to constant requests from other industries. LE Global executive director and senior information technology (IT) security consultant Fong Choong Fook said pervasiveness of computing today, in which handheld devices were connected to corporate systems, had resulted in greater cyber threats. “Many companies have discovered that ‘ground-level defences’ such as anti-virus programmes are insufficient to protect against hackers and cyber threats. From the perspective of the majority of hackers, potential targets are mostly selected based on discovered vulnerabilities rather than the value of data behind the website.” Quoting a report by research firm Gartner, Fong said that 75 per cent of attacks today occured at the application level. “Despite the common use of defences such as web application firewalls and intrusion prevention and detection systems, hackers still pose a serious liability without being stopped or detected,” said Fong. Take, for example, the healthcare industry, one of the most rapidly developing sectors within Malaysia. According to trend Micro, the problem of cyber security vulnerabilities within the healthcare sector is pervasive, impacting healthcare providers of all sizes and types. Last year alone more than 120 million healthcare records were breached globally, a number that was going nowhere but up, he said. Established in Malaysia in 2005, majority of Malaysia’s major banks have since engaged LE Global to beef up their cybersecurity defences. Now that companies from other industries such as telecommunications are engaging LGMS, Fong has had to expand his internal team rapidly in recent months to keep up with customer demands. “Since inception, LE Global has maintained its focus on delivering services that assess client security requirements, reduce risk and provide operational efficiency,” said Fong. “LGMS is the only information security services company that integrates the best practices of ISO quality management systems into their entire portfolio of services, resulting in measurable performance increases for customers,” he said, adding that the company’s core clients are from the banking and financial services industry. “Businesses know that to prevent cyber-intrusion is very necessary, but is an almost insurmountable task if they were to try and cope with it themselves.” “Cybersecurity is an ongoing process of exercising due care and due diligence to protect information and information systems,” said Fong.


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