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Everything is not what it seems.

Andrei Emelianov, who runs @Andrelifehack on TikTok, unveiled eight ways to use kitchen scissors, beyond cutting, in a one-minute viral clip with 5.3 million views.

At a young age, you’re taught that scissors are meant for only one thing: cutting various materials.

Unfortunately, many people’s scissor skills have stalled out since childhood, and they are really at a loss when it comes to kitchen snippers, which often have a ridged, “toothy” center. That culinary tool’s opening feature was originally designed for cutting bones and harder foodstuffs, but has numerous everyday uses, too.


In his TikTok video, hack expert Emelianov reveals there is no need to struggle while cracking open nuts; instead, rely on the serrations of your shears to do the job for you. In the clip posted Oct. 22, the Denmark resident places an unopened walnut between the scissor’s teeth, clamps it down and voilà: The nut is split wide open.

Water bottle

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When a water-bottle cap happens to be screwed on way too tight, kitchen clippers can save the day. After placing the cap between the scissors’ serrations, it twists off easily in Emelianov’s hands.

Bottle of wine

Kitchen scissors can also be used as a wine-bottle opener, but only if you use the metal teeth to hold the cork and pull it up with one hand, while turning the bottle with your other hand.

Emelianov, who runs @Andrelifehack on TikTok, revealed kitchen scissor uses many people don’t know like effortlessly opening a wine bottle like a Manhattan sommelier.
TikTok/, andrelifehack

Beer bottles

The multipurpose tool specializes in opening various drinks, such as beer bottles, particularly when the shears are split into two instruments. A singular shear can pop off beer bottle tops like an ordinary suds opener.

Once the scissors are separated from the center where both blades connect, there is a beer-opener-like shape along the blade that allows for multifunctional use.

Soda can

Another feature Emelianov demonstrates on scissors that many people don’t utilize is on the blade top of the clippers, which help pop open cans of soda.

He suggests using shears to remove fish scales.
TikTok/, andrelifehack


The tool is also useful when prepping fish, whether descaling them, gripping the fishtail or cutting them open to clean ’em out.

Kitchen scissors can be functional in three ways with fish, he noted. You can use the traditional method and cut it open or use the scissors’ serrations when you need to grip the fishtail to “prevent it from slipping out of your hands.”

But when you’re ready to remove the scales, the ideal way to complete that task is to split your serrated shears in half and place them against the fish, allowing the tool to remove the scales without damaging the skin.


Since the scissor blades are sharp, they can be used to chop up vegetables such as carrots, celery or cucumber.

The metal teeth can be used to crack nuts as well as open wine bottles and water-bottle caps.
TikTok/, andrelifehack

Door hinges

The cooking tool can be used outside of the kitchen, too. If you have a loose screw in the house, scissors can tighten that nail. Emelianov demonstrates how the commonplace item tightens a cabinet-door hinge.

TikTokers were amazed to learn about the many uses of kitchen scissors.

“Damn I’ve just been on basic mode with scissors this whole time,” commented one person.

“I knew scissors were underutilized,” admitted another.

“Learning how to use scissors was not on my 2023 bingo card,” one person quipped.


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