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A YOUNG Limerick woman was scammed out of nearly €2,000 after a hotel’s website was hacked. 

The Castleconnell woman had booked a hotel abroad online and later received an email from the hotel to say that the total amount of over €1,800 had to be paid in full and just click on the link provided. 

The woman clicked the link and paid the money, she subsequently discovered that the hotel’s website had been hacked and taken over by scammers.

The email was almost identical to previous emails she had received except for tiny changes that would not have been noticed easily. 

Sergeant Ber Leetch, Crime Prevention Officer at Henry Street Garda Station offered advice to people on how to deal with these sort of situations. 

“It is very difficult to get accommodation anywhere and the scammers know this and use it as a tool to catch people’s attention and maybe take money from them.

“If you are booking a house or apartment somewhere make sure that the property exists and that the person or company you deal with are legitimate and have the authority to rent out the premises.”

Sergeant Leetch continued: “It is safer to book a place through a well-established letting business or from personal recommendation from a trusted friend or family member.

“It could be as small as using a different font for certain letters in the email address but it is enough to redirect your money from the hotel into the scammer’s pockets.

“Now that I know what scammers are capable of I will not send a cent until I am certain, 100% sure that I am sending my money to the correct email address.”


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