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Top row, from left: Gilbert Jordan, Brandon Adamson, Edgar Castro-Juarez, Chris Tomasello, Bernardo Sanchez, Cameron Abernathy, Jacob Farley, Collin McGee and Bobby Pincheon

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday that nine sexual predators were caught in a sting operation trying to have sex with who they thought were children online.

Some residents say they are perplexed that 29-year-old Cameron Abernathy of Athens has been out on a $100,000 bond since Tuesday. Abernathy was charged with traveling to meet a child for an unlawful sex act and transmitting obscene material to a child by computer.

Cynthia Cantrell said, “I hope everyone knows who he is and to stay away. I hope his bond gets rescinded and he goes back to jail.

Stuart Lynn said, “I wouldn’t have expected something like that around here, and it’s even more shocking that somebody is able to get out on bond so quickly like that. It feels like maybe we’re not in Alabama any more.”

Lynn also added, “I think that if the law permits them to be held without bail and there’s strong evidence of their guilt in this, then they should not be able to go out on bail.”

Residents were in fear and shocked after learning that the nine accused predators were living in the North Alabama community.

Athens resident Jayne Higginbothem told WAAY 31, “It’s very creepy to know that there are people out there doing that type of evil to children and to families. It’s a corruption of our society. People need to look up and look at the Lord.” 

Athens resident Cynthia Cantrell said, “I couldn’t believe that that was happening here. I mean, you hear about it in big towns, but not necessarily this size of a community.”

Athens resident Jessica Brown said, “Really, as a mom, you always fear everything about your child, and just to know that they’re right here, very close to us, it’s definitely scary.”

Court documents show that Abernathy waived his preliminary hearing, and his case will go to a grand jury.

The eight men mentioned below are all scheduled to have an Aniah’s Law hearing Thursday.

  • 30-year-old Gilbert Jordan, of Madison
  • 31-year-old Brandon Adamson, of Athens
  • 28-year-old Edgar Castro-Juarez, of Albertville
  • 31-year-old Christopher Tomasello, of Blountsville
  • 43-year-old Bernardo Sanchez, of Huntsville
  • 22-year-old Jacob Farley, of Huntsville
  • 30-year-old Collin McGee, of Athens
  • 37-year-old Bobby Pincheon, of Hazel Green

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