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Global beverage manufacturer, Lion, has adopted Illumio Core in a bid to bulk up its cyber defences following a crippling ransomware attack last year. The implementation is part of a broader strategy to increase visibility over the company’s sprawling IT infrastructure, thereby aiding in the containment of potential cyber threats.

In June 2020, Lion fell victim to a ransomware attack that triggered significant operational disruptions. The company boasts an extensive and diverse range of IT and operational technology (OT) infrastructure spanning numerous continents. This diverse tech infrastructure has left Lion in dire need of bolstering its cyber resilience to prevent future breaches from impacting its operations and jeopardising crucial data.

Jamie Rossato, the Chief Information Security Officer at Lion, emphasised the importance of building a resilient organisation after experiencing a ransomware attack. He highlighted that the primary goal is to proactively stay ahead of cyber threats, preventing attackers from disrupting their operations or affecting customers.

“Once you’ve been hit by ransomware, you become determined to build a more resilient organisation. My main focus is staying one step ahead of this problem and denying cyber attackers the chance to disrupt our operations or our customers,” Rossato stated. 

Rossato further explained that while companies must do everything they can to prevent data breaches, they also must realise that breaches can and do occur. Therefore, resilience necessitates a plan for responding to breaches, which Rossato says involves assuming you’ll eventually have to deal with a breach incident.

“Illumio Core offers me a unique view of our network and services, which enhances our management and security controls. Once we got this system up and running, we’ve been gradually putting tighter preventative measures in place around our critical assets and service boundaries,” added Rossato.

In addition to bolstering Lion’s preventative measures, Illumio is also now an integral part of Lion’s breach response planning and procedures, aiding in constraining or denying unauthorised access post-breach.

IBM research indicates that the average cost of a data breach globally has increased by more than 15% in the past three years, reaching USD $4.45 million in the last year alone. “Irrespective of the industry you operate in, technology is crucial to business development. To sustain rapid, responsible growth, company leadership needs to rely on the security of their company’s tech and data,” Rossato emphasised.

Illumio’s simple map of network communications furnishes Lion’s team with the visibility and assurance needed to deploy the most effective security strategy. The incorporation of Illumio Core has empowered Lion to put into action dynamic segmentation controls that intercept breaches before they can compromise vital assets.

In the face of cyberattacks, Lion can now “keep the lights on,” isolating attackers while ensuring business operations remain unhampered. This double-edged approach of not just defending but also enabling the company empowers Lion to collaborate better and scale more swiftly.

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