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When he co-founded CrowdStrike in 2011, Dmitri Alperovitch was facing a different threat environment than today’s. The “Age of Stuxnet” had dawned and predictions at the time were to expect an increase in [state-sponsored] cyber-attacks on critical infrastructures. Mobile device security was also top-of-mind, given the recent proliferation of sophisticated mobile devices interacting with corporate networks.

Since then, ever increasing connectivity is elevating cyber risk in enterprises to new heights. Benny Lakunishok co-founded Zero Networks in 2019 because he found his customers (from his time at Microsoft) simply kept getting hacked. Today, Dmitri and Benny have joined forces in the perpetual arms race with cybercriminals to aid organizations looking for better ways to secure their digital environments.

Join us for a fireside chat with Dmitri and Benny. They’ll draw from their extensive experience to reflect on where they started and to dissect key challenges and opportunities shaping the cybersecurity industry’s future.


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