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Livestock loss leaves farmers helpless | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

By Suraj Gurung

CHUKHA – In Majuwa, Tshidingkha, a silent predator is on the prowl. As night approaches, the helpless villagers shut themselves in and wait for the beast to arrive.

For the past few weeks, farmers of this remote village have been losing their livestock to wild prowlers. A farmer, Dharmith Lepcha, lost 15 goats in just about a month. Waking up to a scene of bleeding animal carcasses is now not uncommon in Majuwa.

Four households in this village lost 26 goats in all last month. And the killer seems to have become emboldened by the fear it has caused in farmers.

The continuing situation has left the affected villagers feeling helpless. The local government officials are oblivious because the farmers have not reported the issue to them. No investigation has been carried out so.

An official said that for any individual or an office to act, an official complaint must be filed.

The problem, however, does not seem to be only in Majuwa. The village tshogpa said that farmers of neighbouring villages such as Serina and Bosokha too have reported incidences of wild predators attacking and killing livestock.

Who’s the killer?

A leopard, villagers believe.

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