Lloyds hit with massive DDoS attack by suspected foreign hackers

The Lloyds Banking Group is believed to have sustained a massive cyberattack that reportedly temporarily disrupted services. An international hacker group is suspected to have launched a two-day long DDoS attack against Lloyds’ online services, which led to customers unable to check their account balances or make payments, according to reports.

According to unnamed sources familiar with the matter, hackers launched the targeted DDoS attack on the bank around two weeks ago, the Financial Times reported. The hackers are also believed to have targeted other unspecified high street lenders. However, only Lloyds customers were believed to have been affected by the attack.

The cyberattack affected Lloyds and its Halifax and Bank of Scotland branches, leaving many customers unable to use services. However, no customers suffered any financial loss from the attack. TSB, which split from Lloyds in 2013 but still used the same technology platform, was also hit.

The cyberattack follows the recent Tesco Bank cyberheist, which saw hackers make away with £2.5m ($3.1m) from 9,000 customers, forcing the bank to repay customers who had their money stolen in the attack.

In December, Conservative Party lawmaker Andrew Tyrie urged GCHQ to ramp up cybersecurity to help protect UK’s financial sector from escalating cyberthreats.

It is still unclear as to whether hackers were able to access any of Lloyds’ sensitive corporate and/or user data. IBTimes UK’s attempts to reach out to Lloyds for further details have not yet been successful. We will update this article in the event that further details on the attack come to light.


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