Local bank hires cybersecurity company after recent hacks

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – In light of the current security breach that continues to plague debit cardholders in the region (Jackson Hole-Dubois-Star Valley), management at Bank of Jackson Hole has reached out to a nationally-recognized cybersecurity provider to bolster its protection protocol. A partnership between the bank and
DefenseStorm was announced today.

“DefenseStorm reinforces Bank of Jackson Hole’s efforts to protect our customers from cyber attacks. As their bank, we are trusted with securing our customers’ personal and financial information and we greatly value that trust,” said Peter Lawton, CEO of Bank of Jackson Hole. “DefenseStorm helps us preserve the relationships we’ve built with those in the local community and ensures that the bank does everything it can to keep our customers’ assets safe.”
Numerous debit card users from a variety of banking institutions have had their data hacked via the practice of skimming at point-of-purchase locations, especially gas stations. Devices that read information are planted inside card inserts by hackers looking to steal card information and then make fraudulent charges.

Sean Feeney, CEO of DefenseStorm, also commented on the arrangement.

“DefenseStorm is proud to work closely with such a respected, customer-focused financial institution like Bank of Jackson Hole,” Feeney said. “The bank has long prioritized implementing strong cybersecurity initiatives and working with DefenseStorm further demonstrates their commitment to a robust security plan. As their cybersecurity partner, we are confident that the bank and its customers will value the enhanced protection DefenseStorm provides.”


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