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Local company says there’s increased demand for safe school zone technology | #schoolsaftey

MILWAUKEE — From signs that flash and alert drivers that they’re entering a school zone, to LED lights that cover speed limit signs and radar feedback signs that remind drivers of their speed, leaders at TAPCO say technology plays a key role in keeping kids safe as they head back-to-school and they’re seeing more demand for the technology in communities across the nation.

“The big thing is making it stand out,” said Rob Prosser, VP of Sales and Marketing for TAPCO, a traffic safety solutions company based in Milwaukee County.

“Unfortunately, due to the driving patterns, after (the COVID-19 pandemic), we’re still seeing fatalities and injuries increasing, even though miles driven is actually decreasing,” said Prosser.

The goal of the technology is to increase both driver and pedestrian awareness, especially along busy streets where drivers may feel comfortable traveling at faster speeds.

“This technology is proven to reduce miles per hour (mph) by up to 9 or 10 mph. So, very impactful and the bigger thing from our perspective is the reckless driving. And so we look at that studies have shown that it can reduce reckless driving by about 50 percent,” said Prosser.

School zone safety is a sector of this local company’s business that is growing rapidly and Prosser says more technology is constantly being developed to try and enhance safety.

“There are definitely a lot of things in the works and there’s a lot of technology that’s being developed right now. The challenge is how to make that technology work in a cost-effective and safe manner,” he said.

At the end of the day, Prosser said it’s up to drivers to take accountability behind the wheel this back-to-school season.

“As we look at the data and all the facts that come back, (speed) is the number one contributor for the accidents around here. And a reminder, there’s over 100,000 K-12 students in the Milwaukee County area, there’s a lot more foot traffic out there than we’re used to over the summer. We kind of get used to summertime traffic. So, now’s a great time to kind of take a second and remind yourself. A dead speed and your ability to control that,” he said.

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