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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) – Driver safety is on the minds of many amid recent tragedies. With school back in session, new drivers are on the roadway and accidents involving teens are on the rise. 

This is prompting many to wonder how they can keep themselves and their children, safe on the roads.

The roadways have an increase in traffic during the school year, much of it consisting of inexperienced drivers and frequently stopping buses.

Teen drivers are new to the road, and they frequently have more issues navigating the roadways. This can sometimes cause issues and even accidents.

Sergeant Jaime Wilhite, the Regional Coordinator for the Governors Highway Safety Program, said that there are ways that drivers can help to make the roadway safer.

“Any type of distractions, right? Whether it be a cell phone, or multiple passengers in the vehicle, or anything like drugs or alcohol, it’s zero tolerance,” said Wilhite.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2020, 800 teens in the United States, ages thirteen through nineteen were killed in motor vehicle accidents.

The CDC also says crash risk is particularly high during an individual’s first months of getting their license.

Wilhite said that parents can help by setting good examples for their children.

“Put the phone down, avoid distractions yourself, be patient, avoid any road rage type of incident.”

Wilhite also encourages teens who may need extra help to enroll in their school Drivers Ed courses.

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