Local law enforcement task force continues to catch alleged online predators, looks to expand with more agencies | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

(25News Now) – A Central Illinois police task force to catch alleged sexual predators has expanded and they’re looking for more police departments to join them.

Fairbury Detective Tyler Rafferty started the CHAOS Task Force in 2021. He has arrested more than 50 alleged sexual predators himself.

In September, Rafferty started training detectives at 21 departments, so they can help arrest these predators who are trying to lure children.

“No matter how slick these people think that they are on all these social media apps, ultimately we will find them and arrest them for preying on children,” Rafferty said.

Since the task force expanded, more than 25 alleged sexual predators were caught, including two men in the past few days from East Peoria and Delavan.

“We have predators on Roblox, it’s a kids’ block game. We’ve found predators on Facebook, Kik, and Instagram,” the detective said. “Every single app you can think of, there is somebody on there who is trying to prey on a child.”

If a parent suspects someone is preying on their child, they can tip the task force. With parental consent, detectives then message the suspect from the child’s account and lure them to a location where they make the arrest.

Rafferty said they can arrest someone on the same day or it could take more than a year. He added parents need to pay attention to what their kids are doing online.

“I suggest for parents that they have a sit-down conversation. Making sure that who they’re talking to on social media apps is really who they believe they’re talking to,” Rafferty said.

If you have a tip you can reach out to the task force’s Facebook page.

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