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READING, Pa. – The pharmaceutical industry is the latest target of a major cyberattack.

“It’s a concern because people need their medicines and this is, like, a roadblock for people to be able to access their essential medicines that they need,” said Reading-based pharmacist Fadeke Salako.

Getting you or a loved one the important pills they need to stay healthy and alive is now becoming more of a challenge. United Health made a filing Thursday involving its Change Healthcare business which handles getting prescriptions to insurance companies for tens of thousands of pharmacies across the country.

“It’s a trickle down right from the top because they manage a lot of prescriptions, processing and everything. If that is shut down, people cannot get their medicines,“ Salako explained. “Most of these pharmacies have protocols in place.”

One local cybersecurity expert says those responsible for these attacks continue to be difficult to trace, despite the latest technology.

“You have to realize that cybersecurity is a reactive science, not a proactive science,” said Eric Robuck, a cybersecurity expert. “We have to know what the bad people are going to do before we put the defenses up. We can be reactive to a certain point.”

For those in the pharmaceutical industry, the attack undermines pharmacists’ ability to provide these vital medications.

“It’s not their priority. That’s why they’re criminals,” Salako said. “They don’t know these are people’s lives they’re messing around with.”


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