Local schools, police awarded millions in state public safety grants | #schoolsaftey

Gov. Brian Kemp announced 118 community-level public safety initiatives with more than $83.5 million in funding to address challenges and staffing issues that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brookhaven, Sandy Springs and Atlanta’s police departments were recipients of millions of dollars in grants, as were the Atlanta, DeKalb and Fulton County governments and school systems.

The funds will supplement law enforcement staffing, support violent crime reduction or community violence intervention programming, and invest in technology and equipment to respond to the rise in community violence resulting from the pandemic.

Fulton Schools spokesperson Brian Noyes said the school district was grateful to the governor for the $1.59 million in a preliminary grant award for a concealed weapons detection initiative.

“We appreciate their continued investment in safety and security. A lot of safety and security is personnel. So we invest in the people. So these types of grants help us cover some of the additional costs of things like safety equipment,” he said.

The school district has been adding layers of new technology and equipment, starting with Flock cameras everywhere. Safety films are being installed on all windows.

Noyes said that the thought when the school district applied for the grant last fall was to develop additional ways to use and deploy the weapons detection systems, he said.

The Chamblee Police Department has been awarded more than $1.6 million in Community Public Safety Grants. The department was awarded $1,37 million to establish and operate a real-time crime center, including procurement of technologies, creation of the program, and hiring staff, according to a release from the city.

The department was also awarded $280,500 to implement a co-responder program pairing experienced mental health care professionals with officers to de-escalate situations when responding to a mental health call. The co-responder will provide mental health resources and follow up with medical care providers. The city is in the process of hiring a vo-responder as a full-time staff member.

“We’re so thankful for this grant which provides for the welfare and safety of our community through the co-responder program,” said Interim Chamblee Police Chief Gary Yandura. “The other grant provides great tools which will be implemented in allowing our officers to more efficiently provide for the safety and well-being of our community by aiding in the identification and follow up of criminal activity.”

Grants awarded through the Governor’s Office included:

Atlanta Police Department – $1.65 million for enhanced recruitment incentives for current employees and enhanced hiring incentives for applicants.

Brookhaven Police Department – $1.3 million to utilize technology to help solve gun-related crimes more efficiently via gunshot detection devices which also decrease response times. $347,542 for the implementation of a Mobile Community Engagement Hub.

Chamblee – $280,500 to implement a co-responder programming pairing experienced clinicians with officers, proving mental health services support and follow-up. $1.37 million to invest in new, state-of-the-art equipment and technology to give officers the tools needed to improve services.

Sandy Springs – $1.62 million in two grants for a Violent Crime Reduction Team and support staffing for that team.

DeKalb County Government – $686,400 for personal care and medical transport project.

DeKalb County Police Department – $993,648 to utilize new technology as a force multiplier throughout DeKalb County.

Fulton County Government and Sheriff’s Office – $110,000 for a Fulton Youth Violent Crime Reduction program.

DeKalb County School District – $1.65 million to install touchless security systems in all high schools.

Fulton County Board of Education – $1.59 million to implement a concealed weapons detection initiative to prevent students and non-students from bringing weapons to schools.

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