Local security company working to protect businesses from new global ransomware attack

A new ransomware attack is being called the world’s largest cyber attack.

It’s called “WannaCry” and it has hit more than 150 countries and gained 200,000 victims including large companies like FedEx and Nissan.

A “stop trigger” put in place might slow down the process of the virus, but security experts say it might come back with a vengeance.

Hackers will gain access to computers files and threaten users to pay $300 or those important files will be deleted forever. Ron Pelletier with Pondurance, a local security company, said his company has been busy calling clients and taking calls from concerned businesses.

“It is going to be one of the most notorious, at least to this date, because it’s taking on properties that ransomware may not normally have,” he said.

Proactive steps are the only way to protect yourself. If the virus infects one computer, it can quickly do the same to every other computer in an office.

“The criminal enterprise using cyberspace is a very lucrative empire and the amount of resources, time, energy, effort that’s being spent, is doing exactly what’s happening, here, making money,” Pelletier explained.

So far, the hackers have only cashed in about $50,000, but experts said some companies are quick to pay because the cost is lower than the impacts of losing important data.

“It’s really a business case. There are certainly risk tolerances that we would advise clients to go through and make sure that they are evaluating the outcome. If their business is such at stake that they might have to close their doors, they might not have a choice, but to pay it,” Pelletier said.

Here’s some ways to protect yourself:

Update the newest version of Microsoft that includes a security update
Be careful about opening e-mail attachments from unknown sources
Disconnect unprotected machines from the internet
Download anti-virus protection tools


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