Local Victim of Online Hacking of Bank Account Shares Story

A local resident who was the victim of an online hacker has come forward to make sure others don’t suffer the same fate.

The resident said their banking service contacted them Wednesday about charges on their bank account, one on Sunday, one on Tuesday, and one early Wednesday morning. The amounts billed grew progressively larger with each charge.

What was a tip for the banking service was that each charge was to Facebook. The local resident said they’ve never bought anything from Facebook, and there’s nothing to indicate the hacker had anything to do with the real Facebook. There was also a phone number with the charge. That number is 650-618-7714.

The local resident tried to phone the number and found it had been disconnected. She did some online research, though, and found that there are people across the country who have had amounts withdrawn from their bank accounts by the same Facebook claim and phone number.

The resident has talked with her bank and expects to be reimbursed for the charges that have already been paid and the others were canceled. She wanted you to know this was going on to keep you from being a victim.

In the meantime, the local resident has contacted the Effingham Police Department to let them know of the situation.

Local law enforcement agencies regularly encourage residents to check their bank statements regularly to make sure the charges on the statement are legitimate.

Source: http://www.thexradio.com/news/78-local-news/18208-local-victim-of-online-hacking-of-bank-account-shares-story

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