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May Edition


Meet the Team:

  • Senior Sergeant Danielle Fioriti
  • Sergeant Vernita Pennington
  • Senior Constable Miranda Cristaldi
  • Senior Constable Lou Rossi
  • Multicultural Senior Police Liaison Officer – Serena Daniels
  • Multicultural Police Liaison Officer – Tial Hlawnching
  • Multicultural Police Liaison Officer – Joseph Otieno
  • Multicultural Police Liaison Officer – Codie Smith
  • Multicultural Police Liaison Officer – Maria Fakahau

In this issue:

  • Buddha Birthday Festival 2023
  • PLO Engagement with Burrows State Primary School
  • Operation Anticline/MAIC (TRAFFIC) at Canungra
  • SSUV Training for Logan CCLU Police Liaison Officers
  • Burundi Domestic and Family Violence Lunch (DFV) at Logan Central
  • Bunnings Community Networking Event
  • Road Safety Awareness at Woodridge Markets
  • National Sorry Day Morning Tea hosted by Loganlea Child Safety Service
  • Police Liaison Officer Regional Day
  • Road Safety Information Awareness

Road Safety Message!

May was Road Safety Month and it is crucial that everyone continues to understand that we all play a role in keeping safe on the road.

Here are a few simple ideas from the Streets Smart initiatives to keep safe on the road:

  • Always use your indicator
  • Wear yellow to support road safety

Buddha Birthday Festival

On Saturday, April 29, Venerable Man Wang from the Fo Guan Shan Tian Temple and Ms Michelle Lo from the Buddha’s Light International Association of Queensland invited Queensland Police Service officers to the Buddha Birthday Festival 2023.

The Cross Cultural Liaison Unit was so blessed to be part of the celebration and immerse themselves in the culture at the Shan Chung Tian Temple.

PLO Engagement with the Burrows State Primary School and Bulldogs Players

Burrows State Primary School staff and students were lucky enough to score a team visit from the Canterbury Bulldogs on Friday, May 12.

Luke Thompson, Bailey Biondi-Odo and Chris Patolo were happy to visit and engage with the students.

It’s wonderful to see these NRL players taking the time to visit young kids at school and making their day.

Operation Anticline at Canungra

On Saturday, May 6, the School Based Police Officer, Senior Constable Ethan Sorby and Logan Cross Cultural Liaison Unit attended the Operation Anticline at the Outpost Café, Canungra.

Police Officers and Police Liaison Officers engaged with the East Coast Riders to discuss road safety and domestic violence, matters that are extremely important to the community.

We were very happy to see these strong, happy and vibrant women gathered together to enjoy the International Female Ride Day!

The rides were very structured and included a debrief about how to keep yourself and other road users safe.

Side-by-Side Utility Vehicle Training for Logan Cross Cultural Liaison Unit Police Liaison Officers

What an experience!

Police Liaison Officers (PLO) Otieno, Smith and Fakahau enjoyed the thrill of driving the Side-by-Side Utility Vehicle (SSUV) for the first time, at the Driving Skills Lily Pilly House, Wacol on Thursday, May 11.

The instructor, Senior Constable Darren Kerr was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable and we all really enjoyed being taught by him.

We can’t wait to use the SSUV as a helpful tool during our job to support community safety!

Burundi Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Lunch at Logan Central

On Saturday, May 13, Police Liaison Officers (PLO) Otieno and Fakahau attended the Burundi Domestic and Family Violence Lunch at the Access Gateway, Logan Central.

It was hosted by the Dufashanye Association and Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ).

Queensland Police Service, Challenge DV, DV Connect, Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma (QPASTT) and Multicultural Australia were at this meeting.

The lunch included general discussions about domestic violence, how it affects those who experience it, context within other communities, what it looks like in their community and so much more.

Everyone learned a lot about how each agency can support the community in the fight against domestic violence.

Bunnings Underwood Community Networking Event

On Friday, May 19, Kath Joynt the Underwood Bunnings’ Activity Organiser held the Bunnings Community Networking breakfast where various organisations gathered together, shared what they do and engaged to find ways to support each other.

Police Liaison Officer Smith was a guest speaker and educated the audience about our role and what we can do for the community.

It was to see so many people come together and enjoyed the fabulous breakfast!

Road Safety Awareness at Woodridge Markets

On Sunday, May 21, Police Liaison Officer (PLO) Otieno and Smith held a Road Safety Awareness stall at Woodridge Markets.

They engaged with the community, focusing on learner’s licensing and other road safety matters.

There were over 500 people that PLO Otieno and PLO Smith engaged with at the event.

The Woodridge Beat Senior Constable Rodney Enoch, Constable Lewis Dickson and Senior Constable Cole Davin from the Highway Vehicle Patrol Unit were on site to educate the Logan community about staying safe on the road.

National Sorry Day Morning Tea hosted by Loganlea Child Safety Service

We attended the National Sorry Day morning tea hosted by Loganlea Child Safety Service on Tuesday, May 23.

It was a time to reflect, learn and explore ways to work together in support of our First Nation’s community members.

We enjoyed the morning tea and each other’s company.

Police Liaison Officer Regional Day

Logan Cross Cultural Liaison Unit hosted the Police Liaison Officer (PLO) Regional Day at Karawatha Forest on Wednesday, May 24.

It was a great day of engagement with lovely food and music by the Island Sound Band, as we shared cultural knowledge and enjoyed fabulous entertainment from the Pacific Island Roots students.

Thank you so much Chief Superintendent, Melissa Adams, Senior Danielle Fioriti and Senior Constable Miranda Cristaldi for all your support and hard work which enabled the PLO Regional Day to go smoothly.

Shout out to our special guests – Chief Superintendent Melissa Adams, Superintendent Mark Thompson, Senior Danielle Fioriti, State Coordinator PLO Mark Donnelly and Business Manager from People Capability Command Teressa Tapsell.

Road Safety Information Awareness

On Thursday, May 25, Queensland Police Service, Transport and Mains Road, Kids Safe, Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia and Logan City Council came together to educate and bring awareness to the public about road safety.

Everyone had the opportunity to chat with the community members at Grand Plaza, Browns Plains about all things road safety.


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