Logan Paul bleeding from head after calling Dillon Danis ‘predator’ | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

MMA fighter Dillon Danis violently hurled a microphone at Logan Paul, appearing to strike him in the head, during a Thursday press conference promoting their boxing match scheduled for Saturday.

The altercation came after Paul repeatedly called Danis a “predator” for harassing his fiancée Nina Agdal online and posting sexually explicit material of the woman, reports

Towards the end of the presser, Paul threw what appeared to be a water bottle at Danis’ legs, which prompted Danis to retaliate with the mic. Security personnel quickly stepped in to separate the two, as a third person chucked a water bottle at Paul’s head.

One video of the incident obtained by Barstool Sports’ personality Billy Football, clearly showed Paul bleeding from the side of his head after the impact.

Danis later posted a photo of blood splattered on the ground, supposedly from the area where Paul was escorted away. He showed no remorse for the incident, writing in his caption, “Play with fire get burnt p****.”

Paul’s trainer, Milton Lacroix, later confirmed the boxer suffered an eye injury during the melee. But Paul, himself, dispelled any rumors of the Saturday match being called off, posting on X, “Dillon can’t escape me. The fight is very much happening, the stakes just got higher.”

Earlier in the press conference, tensions may have been escalated by the fact that Paul brought onto the stage former “To Catch a Predator” host Chris Hansen, and proceeded to mock Danis before having Hansen attempt one of his signature interrogations.

“Take a seat,” he told Danis. “I’ve been going through the transcripts and I’ve seen some predatory behavior.”

Danis is, in fact, already facing a lawsuit filed by Agdal for his alleged online harassment. Paul’s fiancée claimed that Danis illegally obtained explicit materials she believed were stolen from her hacked Snapchat account.

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