Logan Paul trots out ‘To Catch a Predator’ host Chris Hansen to confront Dillon Danis over harassment | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Logan Paul called Dillon Danis a predator for harassing his fiancée Nina Agdal with a series of posts on social media that included sexually explicit material, which led to a lawsuit being filed against the multi-time grappling champion and two-time Bellator fighter.

Ahead of their boxing match on Saturday, Paul continued to slam Danis for his behavior, but this time he had backup when To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen was introduced during the Misfits Boxing pre-fight press conference. Hansen rose to fame on television running sting operations using volunteers impersonating underage children to ensnare potential sexual predators.

“He’s resorted to attacking an innocent bystander woman for this entire fight buildup,” Paul said on stage. “Dillon Danis is a stalker. You’ve got over 600 photos of my fiancée on your phone. On your personal phone, you have an entire gallery of a woman you’ve never met. That’s weird. That’s not normal behavior. You’re a stalker. You’re a cyber-bully.

“In fact, Dillon, you’re even a predator. You’re a predator, and this Saturday, Oct. 14, I’m going to catch you. In fact, I brought an expert because we are going to catch you. I got my boy Chris Hansen because this Saturday, Oct. 14, me and Chris Hansen are going to catch a predator.”

When Hansen actually emerged on stage, even Danis was caught off guard and gave his opponent credit for the slick move to promote their fight.

“OK Logan, this is a good one,” Danis said. “I’ll give you that. I thought it was an actor.”

In signature fashion, Hansen stood in front of Danis and spoke to him like he did so many potential predators on his Dateline TV segment that ran from 2004 to 2007.

“Take a seat,” Hansen said to Danis. “I’ve been going through the transcripts and I’ve seen some predatory behavior.”

Jokes aside, Danis really was served with paperwork for a lawsuit filed by Agdal over the online harassment while also alleging that the fighter illegally obtained some explicit photos and vidoes that she believed were stolen from her hacked Snapchat account. Agdal also filed a restraining order against Danis to prevent him from continuing to post photos and videos targeting her.

The temporary restraining order was granted after Danis failed to appear in court.

Despite the court order, Danis has continued posting photos of Agdal on his social media accounts in the days leading up to his fight with Paul.

“You’re a predator,” Paul said to Danis. “We’re going to catch you Saturday, Oct. 14.”

The confrontation ended when the fighters were supposed to come together for a faceoff before handing the press conference over to KSI and Tommy Fury, who are competing on the same card.

Instead, Paul and Danis started launching objects at each other as security rushed the stage to keep the fighters separated before order was eventually restored.

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