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It would appear that MGM Resorts—one of the largest entertainment and hospitality venues in the world (and the largest casino operator on the Las Vegas strip)—just got hacked.

On Monday, local news outlets in Las Vegas caught wind of various complaints from patrons of MGM businesses; some said ATMs at associated hotels and casinos didn’t appear to be working; others said their hotel room keys had stopped functioning; still others noted that bars and restaurants located within MGM complexes had suddenly been shuttered. If you head to MGM’s website, meanwhile, you’ll note it’s definitely not working the way that it’s supposed to.

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It’s worth noting that MGM isn’t just any old casino vendor; it’s a huge corporate empire, encompassing a multitude of interlocking businesses, and the impact of a ransomware attack on its business operations could be immense. As per usual, however, with cases involving “cyber incidents,” we’ll have to wait to see just how screwed MGM really is.

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