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Lorain County Sheriff Phil R. Stammitti

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, 9896 Murray Ridge Road in Elyria, is working with the National Child Safety Council once again in 2023.

This year, the Sheriff’s Office hopes to maintain its annual Child Safety Education Program and make it a success.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the program mostly is geared toward youngsters, but will have information for adults, parents, teachers and senior citizens.

The material for the program will cover a wide variety of issues.

“We have selected materials to address a broad range of topics to include drugs and drug abuse, basic safety for children, stranger danger, identity theft, internet safety, Officer Friendly Sheriff, crime prevention and other related materials for our community,” according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Lorain County Sheriff Phil Stammitti said the Child Safety Education Program is a long-running course by the Sheriff’s Office.

“My predecessors even started (the Child Safety Education Program) before I did, and I’ve been sheriff for 23 years,” Stammitti said. “Yeah, we’ve been working with them, and they’re a great program.

“What I do, is I partner them up with my DARE program. We get into all the schools with the fifth- and sixth-graders, and any other younger kids.”

The Sheriff’s Office tries to educate youngsters through these programs as early as possible, Stammitti said.

Earlier is always better when it comes to educating youth about drug abuse, stranger danger and other important lessons, he said.

“I believe in the programs, and you know, we’ve got to get these kids when they’re younger, to teach them about drug abuse,” Stammitti said. “If we don’t get them when they’re young, when they’re older, it’s too late by then.

“They’ve already got their peer pressure from other people who maybe aren’t doing the right things.”

The hope for Stammitti and the Sheriff’s Office is that between DARE programs and the Child Safety Education Program, children and parents throughout Lorain County will be better informed on these serious issues.

“We’ve got to protect our young kids,” Stammitti said. “I’m the only one in this county who does a DARE program.

“So, we teach actually in Lorain and Elyria both, and we do every school district.”

The Sheriff’s Office said the cost of Child Safety Education Program materials for each child comes to about $3 per child.

While community donations are not necessary, Stammitti strongly encourages the funds.

“I remember when I was younger and people told me stuff that was the right thing, I remembered that my whole life,” he said. “When I got older, I realized (my parents and teachers) were keeping me out of problems … I realized how smart they really were.”

Check donations may go to National Child Safety Council, Federal Tax ID #38- 6035290.

For credit card donations, call Mindy at 1-877-472-3377.


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