Los Angeles elementary school latest victim of LGBT lobby as violence breaks out | #schoolsaftey

An elementary school in Los Angeles became the latest flash point of the LGBT lobby’s pride month overreach.

A protest at Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood turned violent, with helicopter footage showing heated confrontations between protesters and counter-protesters, with punches thrown, according to local KTLA TV News.

The Los Angeles Police Department intervened and was able to protect “a peaceful and lawful exercise of constitutional rights,” the department said via Twitter.

Parents were protesting a school assembly that featured the reading of “The Great Big Book of Families,” which features LGBT families. 

The reading was done in “celebration” of gay pride month, which was declared for the month of June by President Joe Biden.  

One parent, who was not notified about the assembly, joined the protesters, saying that she felt the discussion of an LGBT family was not appropriate for children in elementary school.  

“It has to do with where he is in development,” Arielle Aldana, whose 6-year-old son attends Saticoy, told the Associated Press (AP). 

One parent decided that rather than join the fisticuffs, he would simply keep his children at home for the assembly on Friday. 

“I didn’t bring them into this world for a teacher to explain to them what is gay – or what two men or two women do – some certain things should be left to the parents to decide whether they want their kids to be exposed to it or not – at least at a certain age,” parent Jack Satamian, who has two children at Saticoy, told local ABC News 7. 

The AP reports that several other California elementary schools have witnessed protests over “gay pride” celebrations, amid a growing backlash by parents who object to the sexualization of children in elementary schools. 

“Do you think a four-year-old can understand what is LGBTQ? This is grooming,” Manuk Grigoryan, a father of four Saticoy Elementary School students told the Los Angeles Daily News. “I’m not homophobic, I’m just saying it’s my child, let me teach my way about the birds and the bees.” 

Protesters were seen with signs saying, “Leave Our Kids Alone” and “Parental Choice Matters.” 

The protest comes amidst the backdrop of a larger debate questioning just exactly what schools should be teaching children.  

Post COVID-19 test scores at public schools around the country have plunged. 

The dramatic drop in learning and the exposure of what kids were really learning due through remote learning have helped foster a nationwide parental choice movement that demands more parental involvement in schools.  

“I didn’t come from Armenia for this,” a woman named Karine, who asked that her last name not be revealed, told the LA Times about the gay pride celebration at Saticoy. “I came for freedom and for my children to learn about math and education, not about this. I might go back home.”

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