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UPDATE: The Guthrie Lourdes Emergency Department is not closed. A spokesperson for Guthrie says no one is being turned away. However, due to some of the limitations created by the cyber hack, ambulances are being diverted to other facilities to reduce the volume of patients.

BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) The Emergency Room at Guthrie Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton remains impacted by the cyber attack against the hospital’s former owner Ascension.

According to the Broome County Office of Emergency Services, ambulances are currently being directed to either Binghamton General or Wilson Hospital in Johnson City.

Guthrie Lourdes continues to struggle to address the loss of certain information technology systems that had not yet been disconnected from Ascension.

On Wednesday, Ascension was the victim of a massive cyber attack that has impacted its 140 hospitals across 19 states.

Guthrie took ownership of Lourdes Hospital and its affiliated clinics on February 1st and has been working to migrate their I-T over to Guthrie systems since.

The outages are impacting a number of other Lourdes functions, including the ability to leave voice mails and its retail pharmacies cannot fill new prescriptions.

Guthrie Lourdes says that while its processes are working a little differently, it is operational and available to care for patients safely.


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