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Former Love Island star Matt Zukowski claims a disgruntled mother turned up to his house with her husband after they got into a dispute online over an old jacket.

The 26-year-old reality television star said he put a Tommy Hilfiger puffer jacket worth about $350 on Facebook Marketplace for $35.

The mum responded and ‘bargained him down’ to $30 – which he didn’t mind as he was just trying to get rid of the jacket.

Matt assumed it was a done deal – but the mum never showed.

‘She tells me she is going to be there at 4pm that evening so I wait for her until I message her at 6pm saying “Are you coming?”,’ he said.

She didn’t respond. 

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Love Island star Matt Zukowski reveals his recent Facebook Marketplace fail

And as the jacket appeared to be a ‘hot commodity’ he arranged for the next person to come and get it.  

‘Then at 1.16 in the morning she messages me saying I am so sorry my daughter broke her bloody arm,’ he said.

‘I had actually been sent a message by someone trying to pick the jacket up with the same excuse.

 ‘I don’t really mind, whatever , just tell me you don’t want to come pick it up.’

The next day the woman sent him a text to let him know she was ‘on the way’ to get the jacket.

He was confused and let her know it had already been sold. 

This infuriated the woman who assumed telling him about her daughter’s broken arm would make him hold onto the jacket indefinitely.

‘You never said you were going to come  pick it up later the next day, I can’t help you there,’ Matt said.

He went on to say while he hopes the young girl is okay her mother should have communicated better.

He said he agreed to sell a jacket to a woman - but when she didn't come at the arranged time he sold it to the next person in line

He said he agreed to sell a jacket to a woman – but when she didn’t come at the arranged time he sold it to the next person in line 

‘She then goes on to say “I am coming anyway with my hubby, this isn’t happening again, I am so over it that was for my daughter, I could have paid and picked it up this morning”.’

She added that her daughter was left devastated that the jacket was no longer available and that Matt should ‘have a heart’.

This appeared to be too much for the young man who hit back with three bits of advice for the mum. 

‘Look: One – it is not my job to tell your daughter that you couldn’t communicate and tell the buyer you were coming to pick it up,’ he said.

‘Two – do not bring your domestic s**t onto me. 

‘Three – I hope your daughter is okay but it isn’t my problem.’

He said the woman ended up coming to his place – but he didn’t give her is actual unit number so she just ‘drove around’, ‘got out and walked around’ then got back into the car with her husband and ‘drove off. 

People didn’t appear too shocked by the story and noted Marketplace is a ‘crazy place’.

‘Hahaha eshays have taken over Tommy Hilfiger so that explains it all,’ one woman said.

Others shared some advice to the young reality television star.

The woman was furious but the 26-year-old said it wasn't his problem

The woman was furious but the 26-year-old said it wasn’t his problem

‘As soon as the item is sold and picked up I delete the listing and block anyone that’s stuffed me around,’ one woman said.

‘I don’t give them my address until they are actually on the way,’ said another. 

‘Just meet them at Bunnings,’ said a third. 

Most sided with the seller – and said people need to be clear and on time when buying things or expect it to be sold to someone else.

There appears to be a new ‘crazy story’ about the popular selling platform every week, including scams aimed at sellers.


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