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M3GAN starts Hacking “Negative reviews” and her online beef with Chucky continues | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

M3GAN’s marketing is complete genius and no wonder it is made $50 dollars as of the writing of this article. Tomorrow the  it girl of the killer dolls keeps on making tweets that keeps the people talking. She announce to make  an AMA at Reddit and I can’t wait what is she going to say. I will update this article with a link once it is available.

M3GAN’s feud with Chucky seemed to continue after She started “Hacking” negative tweets about her.

Chucky seemed Touched with Thor Benson’s message that he made a reply. He is still waiting for his show to be renewed for a 3rd Season so he have all the time in the world to continue what he started with the tiktok dancing killer doll.

He followed up with more open calling out to the Model 3 Generative Android. Chucky believe he is the OG despite of the fact it is Talky Tina from The Twilight Zone.

Charles Lee Ray  also replied in an article about M3gan’s director reacting about the comparison between  these horror dolls. He doesn’t seem amused from all these comparisons. He doesn’t seem to forget the online frenzy that occured.


I can smell desperation to keep his fans with this one.

Back to M3GAN, she is still hacking tweets that criticizes her. So she is not as unbothered as she claim to be. She is connected to the internet and it has been hilarious to see her not accepting negative reviews.

Fans had been demanding a crossover movie between these two but dancing android still needs to develop her legacy. A sequel is currently in development and that could be the top priority at this moment. Fans had been asking the availability of M3gan’s cover of Titanium and  her original song “Tell me your dreams” Both songs are now available in various music streaming services. M3gan hasn’t replied on Chucky yet but I am living from their online tweets.


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