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Scams continue to flood our devices each and every day. Scams in the form of email, social media, phone calls, and texts are unfortunately part of the norm. In this day and age, you can never be too careful. It’s always good to keep in mind that if something seems fishy take a moment to think before proceeding to give out any personal information. Unfortunately, some residents of Western Massachusetts are finding out the hard way.

Scammers Have Obtained Social Security Numbers from Some Massachusetts Residents

It was recently reported on the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Facebook page that a scam is currently going around and some people in the community have given away their social security numbers to the con artists. Here’s what it said on the organization’s Facebook page.

Individuals are contacting some within the community stating they work for our office and are calling to inform community members about warrants for arrest. These individuals are looking for money in return to clear the warrants and have also obtained real social security numbers of those they are calling. Please be aware that no one from our office is contacting members of the community and stating the above statements.

Just a reminder that If you receive a suspicious phone call just hang up. That’s probably the easiest way to protect yourself from a phone scam. If you stay on the phone and start going down the rabbit hole, you could run into some serious trouble. In addition, you should report the scam to your local police department and/or the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office. Furthermore, you can report scams to the Federal Trade Commission by calling (877) 382-4357 or by going here.

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