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Macon-Bibb school zone cameras expanding | #schoolsaftey

MACON, Ga. — School zone speed limits have been enforced since the start of the school year in Macon-Bibb County. Schools like Appling Middle School, Westside High, and Southwest High Schools have cameras in their school zones.

When the flashing school zone light is off, the speed limit on the street is 35 miles an hour. Once they turn on around 1:35 p.m., the speed limit drops to 25.

“I would advise drivers to drive slowly down Williamson Road,” Sheila Hollingshed said. 

Hollingshed drives up and down Williamson Road to get to the store. She says she sees driver drivers speeding and knows it can get you a ticket. She doesn’t want to take any chances and encourages other drivers to watch out.

“I think that drivers should know that they need to slow down because it is a school zone and they will be ticketed. And I ask them to please slow down because we do have kids walking back and forth to school with their head down in their phone,” Hollingshed said. 

WMAZ did reach out to Macon-Bibb County and they sent a statement saying:

“We are expanding the use of cameras to enforce the speed limit around our schools to include private and charter schools. In the first few months of their use last year, we saw people slowing down around more schools than just the ones with cameras, so we know people are taking greater care around our children. By using the cameras to enforce the speed limit, we are able to improve public safety around children and free up resources in our Sheriff’s Office to focus on other areas.”

Warren Ussery owns a home near Southwest High School. He says the cameras are needed. 

“I think it’s a good idea. Even if they would — every now and then position a patrol car there,” Ussery said. 

Ussery told us he hasn’t received a citation himself but says the signs and cameras are helping.

“They’re slowing down… they’re slowing down,” Ussery said. 

Ussery said when his kids were younger and he took them to school, drivers would speed up and down the street. He suggests in other school zones and Southwest, additional safety. 

“They should have school guards over here. You know the money should, in my opinion, be spread equally throughout the county,” Ussery said.

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