Maharashtra government gets into action against cyber crime, seeks to train 1000 officers

MUMBAI: A worrying statistic has spurred the Maharashtra government into action: The highest number of cyber crimes is registered in Maharashtra but the state has a shockingly dismal record of conviction. Out of the thousands of arrests made, the state has managed to convict just one, according to a senior Mumbai police officer. In the last four years there has not been one single conviction. To make matters worse, 16 of those arrested were acquitted.

The Maharashtra government is now desperate to reverse the trend. By next week, it will appoint a project consultant to prepare a cyber security plan. The state will have a seven-year contract with a technological partner that will provide tools, technology and analysts for a state-of-art cyber security setup. The team will train 1,000 young police officers picked from different parts of the state to gather evidence of cyber crimes and apprehend suspects and present evidence in court.

The state also plans to rope in hackers and computer experts to develop a Computer Emergency Response Team.

There is also a plan to ‘sensitise’ judges and public prosecutors about cyber crimes and how evidence is gathered. “Unlike a murder or theft, a cyber crime is a different as there are no eye witnesses but an electronic trail. Most of the time, the accused goes scot free because an electronic trail alone is not considered sufficient proof to nail a accused. Hence the plan to sensitise judges and prosecutors,”said a state government official. The whole exercise is expected to cost the state Rs 80 crore.

Additional police commissioner KMM Prasanna said that the state would set up special courts to try cases of cyber crimes.

Source: The Economic Times

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