Maine among the states ‘least vulnerable to identity theft and fraud,’ research site says

Identity theft and fraud remain problems everywhere, and Maine is no different.

However, in the latest data analysis by the prolific number crunchers at the finance site WalletHub, identity theft and fraud have been less of a threat to Maine residents than folks living in all but two other states.

WalletHub, of course, runs regular data analyses comparing cities and states based on wide ranges of criteria, from public safety to education to sports to health.

The resultant rankings often lack nuance, as they’re based on broad, nationwide statistics, but they provide interesting comparisons of places with that disclaimer in mind.

When it comes to identity theft, the site’s researchers looked primarily at complaints per 100,000 residents, cybercrime related dollar losses per capita, data breaches per 100,000 residents and the rate of credit card fraud in each state.

Maine had the least employment fraud complaints per 100,000 residents in the country, as well as the lowest trackable financial losses due to cybercrime, based on WalletHub’s review.


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